Elena is a clinic and practice management web app providing tools to manage your patients, appointments, and medical records.


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Elena is a clinic and practice management web app providing tools to manage your patients, appointments, and medical records.

Separate dashboard for personal clinic assistant/secretary to help you manage your clinic’s day-to-day operation online

Manage patient appointments and schedules thru the app

Go paperless with fully-integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and manage your patients’ medical & treatment records

Access patients’ medical records anytime, anywhere!

Create an E-Prescription indicating necessary details such as medicine’s generic name, brand name, dosage, and more.

Easily generate your patient records/reports in PDF format

Doctors' Dashboard

See the overview of your patient database with our simplified Doctor’s Dashboard. Easily assess and check your appointments for the day, recent visits, total registered patients, patients who have HMO’s, and monthly/daily visits. Generate report real-time with just a click of a button.

Patient Management Made Simple

Organize, arrange and sort patient profiles/records anytime, anywhere. Access appointment history, patient information, diagnoses, prescriptions, billing records with Elena. A separate dashboard for clinic assistant/secretary is provided to help you manage your clinic’s day-to-day operation.

Elena can generate a Secure QR Code for patients when transferring to another Physician or Doctor.
With this, other doctors can safely view and access their medical records via encrypted server.

Access Patient records
via Secure QR Code

Go Paperless with
E-Medical Records

Sorting and finding physical patient records can be trivial. Save time and money while minimizing storage space by digitizing your files with Elena. Did we forgot to mention that it’s stored safely and easy to share? Yes, it is safe and secured.

Organize Schedule Efficiently

Whether you’re managing multiple clinics or just one, Elena allows you to view your schedule in one fully-functional calendar. Easily book appointments via built-in QR code and view your schedule by day, week or month to maximize your consulting time.

Online Consultation

Communicate with your patients, may it be through video, audio, chat, or call, Elena will give you all the tools you need to take care of your patients.

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